Movie time is bonding time for the entire family. There are absolutely good movies for the family to enjoy. If your favorite movies is not on TV yet or you don’t wish to spend money on movie tickets, then you can switch to more affordable options such as movie streaming sites. There are variety of movie sites that offer really good movies. It’s easy to get advantage of their free offers. Simply connect to the internet and access the website to start playing your favorite movies online.

New movie releases, TV series, documentaries

You read it right, yesmovies is a movie streaming site that has lots of movies in store for your family. They have every movie ever made including your all time favorite movies. Free movies also have a huge collection of TV series and documentaries. If you were trying to watch an old movie then you can easily find them on the site by simply using the search box. It will show the movie results and related movies from the keyword you gave. It saves time and effort. You will be able to start your movie marathon right away.

Safety tips in searching

Since you are going to watch movies, documentaries and TV series along with your kids, you have to be extra careful especially if you were watching the film for the very first time. You don’t the kids to see violence, pornography or crime as you watch. It may give them a different meaning so it’s better to read the synopsis of the movie or watch the trailer first. It will give you an idea of what was the movie all about. You should also check the keywords related to the movie, as well as the genre. It helps to be informed than simply playing the movie because the movie icon/picture looks nice and attractive.